Back to School....

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall brings a number of things back to all of us, whether we are in school or not.  We could be heading back to work after summer holidays, back to teaching, back to our family schedule.  No matter what, we all head back to some familiar pattern after a summer’s reprieve. 

I not only headed back to teaching this Fall and my girls’ crazy schedule, but also to the Yoga Conference in Vancouver.  It is a great way to connect with like minded others on this path of love and kindness and also a way to introduce Body-Mind Workout’s products.   I had the pleasure to participate in a number of workshops while there and I always enjoy the opportunity to discover new paths on the same journey.  My appreciation goes out to everyone involved in organizing the event and I look forward to attending the conference in Toronto in April 2011!

To update you with the Body-Mind Workout Indian yoga blanket, the factory has re-opened in Pune, India, however they are unable to replicate the exact blanket that we were able to have in the past and so yes, the saga continues. The factory has created a blanket that is much closer to what we had available previously and is different from the one we have been carrying for the past six months.  Consequently, they have been ordered and I look forward to their arrival in approximately 3 months from now.   In addition, there is also a Mexican blanket I like and which I hope to bring into the line-up of products as soon as shipping issues are resolved.

Your business and support is so appreciated and from my heart I thank you!

With love and kindness,