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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Friends,

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy!

Everyone has heard and many believe that the energy of our thoughts create the events around us. It is the universal law of attraction. We are like magnets with our thoughts drawing near to us the energy that we are putting out to the universe. I KNOW this and have lived by the law for decades. Recently it dawned on me, here I am listening to the news everyday and getting immersed in all the negativity of the falling economy. I was getting “frozen” in my day to day life wondering how my family and I were going to survive.

I woke up - literally! I have stopped watching the news and I can’t say enough great things about how I feel. I am back to me - eternally optimistic and fearless. I am not going to be an ostrich in regards to what is happening in the market, hiding with my head in the sand however I am not going to let it run my day. I would invite you to listen to the news less and live your life more!!

There is no better opportunity than this situation to get to know you my clients and friends.

I encourage you to answer the following question in hopes of Body-Mind Workouts being better able to provide you with quality yoga supplies and service!

If you were running my business what would you do differently?

Please put any comments or ideas into a return email and hit reply. Thank you for participating in a positive economy, community, planet and universe.


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