Beautiful New Yoga Bolsters, Yoga Blankets and Yoga Mat Colours!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer news at Body Mind Workouts!


As a lot of you know I have been on a pursuit to find a fabulous yoga blanket for the past two years.  The original blanket that we carried we were unable to get any longer as the factory in India burned down.   I have gone thru a few blankets that really didn`t work out for a variety of reasons that I really don`t even want to talk about any more.   And now I have finally found a blanket that will meet everyone`s needs providing support in all your favourite asanas and best thing is that it does not shed or lint.  Whew what a relief!

I have also added a new colour to our studio mats which is a yummy chocolate colour.   Makes me salivate just even thinking of it!!  I am also adding a yoga towel which will be here in September

I am  in the midst of changing suppliers with our bolsters.   The new bolsters will be arriving in September and I am very excited to offer a better quality bolster and new colours; black, olive, burgundy, chocolate, twilight blue, midnight blue and sand.  And the best thing is the price stays the same.

Always fun to change things up!

Have a fabulous summer and I look forward to chatting with you soon.