New Yoga Towels are here in two great colours.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What is a yoga towel? - A yoga towel is a towel designed specially to fit on top of your yoga mat while you are doing yoga. If you find yourself sweating so much that you are slipping off your yoga mat, a yoga towel can be a great solution.  Yoga towels are often used during Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, but they can be used anytime during a traditional yoga practice.

You may have been using a beach towel or other oversized bath towel on top of your yoga mat, but chances are this towel is not the correct size and is not absorbent enough. Yoga towels are sometimes designed with little slip-resistant rubber pads on one side, so they stay put on the yoga mat as you are changing position. They are designed to be super-absorbent and to dry quickly.

A yoga towel should be the same size as your yoga mat to prevent slipping, and to not take up too much room if you are in a class with a number of other people. Yoga towels will allow you to relax and focus on your practice without worrying about slipping off your yoga mat if you get too sweaty. A yoga towel is also a more hygienic way to practice, because the towel can be easily washed and dried between practices.

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Glenda Morrison
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