Top 3 Reasons to Restock Your Yoga Supplies for Fall

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Summer is officially over, school is back in full swing and schedules have returned to our calendars!

With yoga studios getting back into their regularly scheduled Fall classes, it is important to be prepared for the increase in class attendees for a studio's success.  Be sure to have plenty of yoga supplies, such as bolsters , mats, blocks, etc. on hand.

With the variety of reasons that people come to your studio to practice / learn yoga, such as reducing stress, anxiety, depression, manage chronic conditions (i.e. back injuries), or simply increasing overall physical fitness, etc., it is essential to have a variety of supplies available for every individual's needs - both to be used in sessions and for sale.

Why Having Readily Available Product Is Fundamental to Your Studio

  1. Yoga product will be in stock for clients when they want it.
    Ordering your supplies ahead of the clientele increase guarantees product will be in stock for them. Purchasing from a wholesale supplier, such as Calgary's Yoga Mat, allows you to keep product on-hand, typically leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction at your studio. By giving your clients access to product, they will be able to start incorporating the item into their training, thus furthering their yoga ability.
  2. Enhance your studio’s image by providing high quality yoga products.
    By using and offering high quality yoga products, not just for sale, but used in class, your clientele will feel like you truly care about their wellbeing and yoga improvement. By offering items in addition to yoga mats, such as blocks, straps and blankets, your staff will be able to suggest valuable items that will enhance your clients' yoga practice and techniques.
  3. Your studio will be better equipped to help your clientele in their yoga practice.
    By providing high quality supplies to your clients, you will be better served to help them in their practice of yoga. This will allow you to better connect with your clientele as they will see you as a truly knowledgeable yoga provider, not just in skill, but in product as well. By having product on-hand, your studio will be better equipped at helping your students become masters at their own yoga poses.

Treat your customers with the love and care you provide in your sessions through the supplies and products you provide to them.

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