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Yoga Sandbags

Yoga Sandbags

Retail Price: $28.00
1-9 $28.00
10+ $28.00

Small 9" X 12" $28
Large 12" X 15" $33


Product Information:

Sandbags are used in Pilates, yoga and other group exercise classes to deepen stretches.  Our filled sandbags contain a unique zippered leak proof system so when you fill the sandbags with sand the inner liner keeps everything intact.  The attractive zippered outer fabric which can be machine washed and provides a second protective layer.

Available in10 lbs & 15 lbs sizes. Yoga Sandbags are available filled or empty and in red for the 10 lb and  denim for the 15 lb bag.

The 10 lb sandbag is approximately  17 in. x 7 in  and the 15lb sandbag is 12 in x 15.   Enjoy the benefits of going deeper into your asana with a Body-Mind Workouts sandbag.